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Dues Paid
Dues Paid
Oct 08, 2021
In Community Announcements
Jefferson County Botanicals, LP finished its first year as a craft (not sure that we can really claim that after all the fumbling around we did) grower. We participated in the U of I study, which was interesting. We were pleased to turn two pounds of Cherry Wine seed into over 110 pounds of seed (anyone want some?). Our three plus test acres yielded 1,280 grams of CBD oil which the processor put in a plastic bucket. We were aghast, so we purchased small, glass "Mason" jars and after thoroughly cleaning them and using sterile utensils and surgical gloves. Each jar has approximately 50 grams of CBD. If you would like to purchase a jar or two, let us know. Attached are the two laboratory tests required by the IL Department of Agriculture. We also have copies of the U of I tests. General Partner: Stan Tylman, 225 E. North St., Taylorville, IL 62568