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Thank you for your interest in the IHGA Sample Kit!

Each sample was selected to demonstrate practical & durable hemp-based materials that can be used in everyday life. We hope you will use these items to educate and inspire your family, friends, law makers and community members.

This kit includes:


Hemp Hurd – The inner, woody core of the hemp plant. Hurd can be used in “hempcrete” construction. Hurd can be mixed with binders to make prefabricated panels and bricks, and spray-in type insulation. Hemp hurd is highly absorbent and is used in the oil and gas industry to clean up and prevent spills. Hemp hurd is also higher in silica content than other common agricultural biomass feedstocks which makes it a great source material for the bio-based products of the future.


Hemp Bast Fiber – Natural fiber that grows on the outside of the hemp plant's stalk. Hemp Fiber has a high cellulose content so it can be used to make paper. Hemp fiber can be refined into yarn to make traditional textiles like clothing and upholstery. Hemp fiber makes durable natural fiber rope with high tensile strength. Hemp fiber is used to reinforce lightweight composite panels used in the automotive industry. Hemp fiber can also be used to make batting type insulation, nonwoven textiles, as a growing medium, and much, much more.


Degummed Hemp Fiber – Hemp fiber that has been treated to remove all lignin from it which creates a cotton like product that can be spun into yarn for very soft yet durable knit or woven fabric.


The HempStraw
begins degrading 80 days after use and fully biodegrade in under a year - OK to compost

Made from a combo of USA grown hemp, sugar cane and natural plant resin in accordance with the standards of ASTM 6400, EN13432 



These first-in-class utensils for those who want to #BreakFreeFromPlastic deliver heat-resistant functionality with OK- HOME COMPOST certified materials. Whether for lunch on the run, or a picnic out in nature, make these plant-based options your disposable of choice


HempWood -
No added VOC’s , Are pressed with eco-friendly adhesives, made with sustainably grown hemp, made in the USA, as strong and durable as oak.

Dr. Bronner's Hemp Soap sample -

If you are interested in joining the Legislative Outreach group – which contributes to the IHGA’s initiative of connecting members with federal, state, and district representatives in every region of Illinois – please check out the Legislative Outreach info page at on our website (under the members tab) or send a message to

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