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Blue Delta Organics
Apr 29, 2020
In Community Announcements
Blue Delta specializes in developing products that increase the overall health of plants through natural science. Myco-Fusion is a bio-based organic soil amendment product set that re-establishes necessary microbial diversity in the area surrounding the roots of plants.  Are you looking for High Performance Results? Check out Myco-Fusion. Here are some of the benefits of the Myco-Fusion products:      -  Increased yield of fruits, flowers, and buds,       -  Increased plant growth,      -  Increased overall plant health,      -  Increased fertilizer efficiency,      -  Increased disease resistance,      -  Increased water efficiency,      -  Increased drought tolerance,      -  Increased transplant success,      -  Increased protection from soil toxicity      -  Adds necessary biology back into the depleted soil systems,      -  Aids in the reclamation of environmentally damaged soil Please check out our website for additional information.