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Holiday Bonus - More New Features

Greetings, today I received an email from one of our dues-paying members:

New member to the group, looking around, considering a small hemp crop and have some site questions about some things I don’t seem to be able to readily figure out.
How does one load a profile photo?...

(continues below)

I thought I would take this opportunity to share with everyone what I responded with via email to the member because these are valuable features that we can all use.

  • If you want to upload a profile photo, you can click the dropdown menu where you log in on the header. Then click the word "Profile" in the dropdown menu. On the page that loads, look to the left side near the top.

  • I made a new profile to test this and sometimes the app doesn't load on the first try.

  • If the app doesn't load, you'll have to click reload (see screenshot 1).

  • Once the app loads, you click on the "Edit" button (see screenshot 2).

  • After you click the button, you have to click on the blank photo in the app to upload one from your files (see screenshot 3).

  • Remember to press the "Save" button after you upload your photo and you should be all set.

Having a profile photo helps other members find you more easily and makes your profile and posts look much better. Remember to fill out the About section in your profile too, you can add more pictures and videos there.



...Is there a way to message other members on the list, or Admin?

You are able to message other members directly from the home page.

  • Find the member chat bar on the home page and click it to open up the chat box (screenshot 1)

  • Click the new chat button to create a new message (screenshot 2)

  • Search for the member you want to message (screenshot 3)

  • Enter your message and send it (screenshot 4)

  • The other member receives your message (screenshot 5)

These direct messages are private between users. If you want to message the Admin (me) just search for my name.


New Additions to the Site

We've added a few new features to the site as well, here's what they are:


The news feature has two feeds, one from Google and the other from multiple hemp industry news pages. It's a combination of sources that you won't find anywhere else on a single page.



Groups pages are for members to discuss specific topics. We have Fiber, Grain and Cannabinoid groups as well as an IHGA Business group for dues-paying members. Members can add themselves to any of these groups except the IHGA Business group which you are added to when you pay your dues.


File Share

Another great feature on the site is our own file sharing database. We are always uploading new materials to the collection. You'll find:

  • A Collection of COAs

  • Informational Documents

  • Helpful Guides

  • Educational Slideshows

  • Scientific Studies

All members can access these files free of charge. Dues-paying members can also upload their own files to the database to share with others.


That's it for the holiday bonus features. Thanks to all our members and a special thanks to our growing list of dues-paying members. If you haven't paid your dues yet, read our blog post about the new program. 2020 here we come!


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