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Membership Dues - New Features

We have launched a new program for our members! We will now be collecting membership dues. This program is voluntary and you can remain a free member as long as you like. Paying dues has its benefits though. Here are the exclusive features dues-paying members enjoy:

Enter our 100% hemp-product gift basket raffle ($100 value)

Every dues-paying member of the IHGA is automatically entered into a raffle for a gift basket of hemp products. The winner will be chosen at the first membership meeting. More raffles will be held at subsequent meetings.

Request IHGA staff for meetings

Dues paying members can request that our staff attend their relevant meetings. We’ve got a broad range of experience to contribute to your next hemp project. Invite us to your Policy, Education, Environment, Economic, Business Strategy, Research & Development, and other meetings. We will assist you any way we can to help grow the Illinois hemp industry.

Promote your events with the IHGA

We can drive attendance at your next event! If you’ve got an event you need to promote, let us know and we will put it on our events calendar. We’ll mention your event in our blogs, newsletters and on social media. Our message finds its way to hundreds of the most active folks in the Illinois hemp industry.

Get invitations to IHGA membership meetings

Meetings will be scheduled quarterly, a vote of all dues-paying members will decide when and where the meetings should be held throughout the year. Quarterly meetings will be held to allow members to organize in person, introduce new business, ask questions and get answers.

Vote on IHGA business

Paying your dues gets you a vote. Each meeting will include voting on organizational strategy for the following quarter. Every member counts. We’re here to represent the industry’s best interests and it’s up to our members to regularly help us decide what that means.

Apply for a position on our advisory board

We are now accepting applications for positions on our advisory board. If you have expertise in a field that you feel would benefit our organizational structure and goals, please inquire about becoming an adviser to the IHGA.

Create and view buyers/sellers listings

The newest feature on our website. By popular demand, we have created a space for growers and processors to share their information with buyers and sellers who seek to deal locally in Illinois. Once you pay your dues, you can freely view and filter all Buyer/Seller Listings. Not only do you get unlimited access to the listings, but you can create as many of your own listings as you need.

You’ll be able to easily upload your own and view all other listings which include:

  • Listing Title

  • Contact Information

  • Photo of Business Card

  • Photo of Product or Service

  • Paragraph Describing Product or Service

  • Certificate of Analysis

  • Photo of Valid Hemp License

We’re proud to offer this feature to you and will be seeking feedback as we roll it out. As the first users who create and use the system, we welcome your requests for bug fixes, changes and new features. We want this list to be the best it can be for the great state of Illinois, and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Show your support for the Illinois Hemp Industry today, become a dues-paying member.

Other Updates

After harvest was complete this year, we heard from many growers that there were not enough reliable processors in the state to help them market their hemp. At the same time, we heard from processors who were saying that farmers aren't delivering enough biomass based on what they estimated for the year. Clearly there are supply chain issues that haven't been resolved.

While it all gets sorted out, here are a few processors we've met with recently who we can vouch for as people who will help you market your hemp:

  1. One of a kind business with a unique location

  2. Helping farmers with in a cooperative style

  3. High quality product from single pass processing

  1. Solid business partner and adviser with a good location

  2. Good genetics, we watched 2 of their strains grow this year, hitting up to 18% CBD

  3. Can produce distillate and isolate and has the connections to sell it

  1. Good attitude, produce their own ethanol and have a brand new extraction facility

  2. Willing to go the extra mile with growers to get the best result

  3. Plans to get into grain and fiber processing in the future


Recent Events

We haven't just been developing new features for our members though. From hempcrete to cannabinoid production, educating farmers with the Illinois Extension and educating law enforcement - here's a rundown of the recent events we attended:

Rachel did two sessions for the Indiana Farmers Union Hemp Chapter - Hempcrete Workshop. People love hempcrete! We are still selling hempcrete kits and Rachel will be doing hempcrete demonstrations all throughout the upcoming Midwest iHemp Expo.

Chris attended Lawrence Cannabis Company's Industrial Hemp Workshop, a private event held by notable hemp farmer Trenton Lawrence of Delavan, IL. This was an all day event focused on cannabinoid production. Thanks to Trent for all the detailed information. Looking forward to the next workshop this Spring!

Rachel has branched out into law enforcement education. The Woodruff County Police held this private event. Rachel was a presenter along with Becca Dwyer and Bill Bodine. The three speakers did a good job and got asked to do it again, on December 19th at the police training center in Peoria.

Chris and Rachel both presented at the inaugural Ivy League Farms event - Industrial Hemp Basics. Special thanks to all the local attendees and the staff at the Church of the Cross. We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Rachel and Chris both attended the Sulcanna/Illinois Extension event - A Farmer's Guide to Hemp. Chris presented his research on hemp agronomy. The event was held in Hanover IL at Sulcanna's headquarters where they cultivate and process hemp. It's a beautiful and historic location, definitely check it out if you are in the area. The next day Chris was a panellist at the Illinois Extension's Industrial Hemp Production Workshop in Bourbonnais IL. It's great to see the Extension is putting such a talented crew together for hemp education.

Upcoming Events:

Rachel will be on The Mike Novak Show - live, January 5th

Midwest iHemp Expo - January 10-11th

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