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Dec 10, 2019
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Hi everyone. Chicago Hemp Company here. We're just starting out and looking to fill our schedule. We'd prefer splits and tolling to start. We can do biomass to crude, crude to distillate or white label your brand's final products. Want a product with your farm's name on it? We can do that. I've got nearly 10 years of extraction and product manufacturing experience on the THC side along with some CBD consulting. This was all out West and all legal and licensed. I'm trying to do the same thing here and build up the Illinois hemp market. I know how crazy this industry can be when you're just starting in it. I have answers to your questions about farming, extraction, products and the industry in general. Reply on here or send over an email to: I'm also available for consulting. I usually do a free half hour consultation to see where you're at and how I can help. Free answers from an expert. Hard to beat that. I might be able to broker your biomass to larger processing plants I know out of state. Let's get Illinois hemp rocking and rolling!
Illinois Processor Looking for Biomass or Crude Oil content media
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