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The IHGA Marches on

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We've been busy since our last blog post. On February 27th we attended the Illinois Stewardship Alliance's annual meeting for Northwestern Illinois. At the meeting, people from the ISA explained the organization's priorities for the state and set up breakout sessions within the group to generate feedback. It was great to hear the constructive feedback being given by Illinois Stewards from around the region. On March 19th, the ISA and IHGA will be working together to bring you an Industrial Hemp Seminar located in Cantrall, IL. On April 10th, the ISA is particpating in the Local Food Lobby Day in Springfield, IL. Both events are great chances to assemble and act for our agricultural future.


On March 5th, we attended a SBDC coordinated event with the Sauk Valley Community College Agriculture Department. The goal was to present an introduction to hemp in Illinois to the Ag Class at SVCC and to help Chris get some feedback on improving his presentation for March 12 in Freeport, IL. Our thanks to Dr. Ryan Anderson from the SVCC Agriculture Department and his enthusiastic students for giving us their time and input. A special thanks to Stacy Mccaskill and Justin Bergman for coordinating the event, the SBDC is an invaluable resource for our small business.


On March 7th, the IHGA gave a presentation at the Illinois Hemp Symposium hosted by the Hemp Biz Conference in Morton IL at Bottom Line Solutions. It was an incredible, full-day event with more than 100 people in attendance. Many presenters from various aspects of the agriculture/hemp industry gave specialized presentations on hemp, from legislation, genetics, industrial uses, machinery, cultivation, the environment, and hemp's future. In our presentation, we focused on the environmental impact that hemp can have and about how Illinois can be a leader in the hemp industry by reversing the trend of nutrient runoff. Thanks to Christie Lunsford for inviting us and coordinating such an impressive event!


Now we look ahead to March 12th for the University of Illinois Extension's Hemp Production Workshop in Freeport, IL. This is going to be another huge event for hemp in Illinois with a brilliant lineup of speakers covering topics starting with an introduction to hemp in Illinois and going through legislation, production, and processing. If you haven't registered already, visit the registration page for more information.


We want to thank all our subscribers and members for joining us on this site. Whether you are a politician, farmer, entrepreneur or just a curious citizen, we appreciate your involvement and look forward to serving you in the future. Remember to book a free consult with us either in person or over the phone - we'd love to get to know you better.


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