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Is Hemp Economically Viable?

Illinois Hemp Growers Association


Chicago Food Policy Summit

On Februrary 21st, 2020, Illinois Hemp Growers Association President and CEO Rachel Berry attended the 15th Annual Chicago Food Policy Summit at the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois.

The quality of food impacts the health of the community which impacts quality of life. The IHGA supports food sovereignty and collaborative community efforts to improve quality of life.

This was an awesome event, with many knowledgeable representatives from organizations advocating for access to affordable and nutritious food for all in Chicago. Rachel was proud to be there and show people how hemp fits in to the picture. Look for the 16th Annual Chicago Food Policy Summit next year!


Upcoming Hemp Events in Illinois


Is Hemp Economically Viable?

The USDA put out a new report this month analyzing hemp production, pilot programs and the economic viability of the crop which is the subject of the Illinois Hemp Growers Association Vibe Check for Februrary 2020!

We boiled down the 80+ pages of the report to 3 pages of quotes directly from the document and our take on them. We present you with the important points and our commentary to save you time and provide some much needed context.

Here's a snippet:

USDA ERS: Hemp acreage reported to the USDA, Farm Service Agency increased from 32,464 acres in 2018 to 146,065 in 2019
IHGA: There were 146,200 acres planted in 1943! That means we are exactly right back where we started. Can you imagine if we never prohibited the crop? Where would we be now?

Click here to download the IHGA February 2020 Vibe Check


Welcome Our Latest Sponsor: Tulip Tree Gardens

Tulip Tree Gardens is a vertically integrated organic produce and CBD wellness brand. Originally founded as a micro-farm providing farmers markets with organically grown produce & flowers, TTG is quickly growing into a full scale, large acreage CBD hemp "farm to bottle" operation.

Look at this beautiful gift box full of their Illinois-grown farm to bottle products and give one a try as soon as you can!


More Genetics On The Way

Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, Inc., headquartered in Tewksbury, Mass., has served the needs of growers in greenhouse and nursery production, and independent garden centers for more than 70 years.

For the last six years, Griffin has ushered horticultural expertise and efficiencies to cannabis and hemp cultivation through their Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Division. Griffin operates 16 fully stocked service centers, serving growers and retailers nationwide.

The business also distributes live goods including seed, cuttings and young plants. Griffin is among the premier distributors in the U.S., with an outstanding reputation for operational excellence, high-quality products and superior customer service.

Click here to view their available genetics in our file sharing collection. There are three flyers uploaded on Feb 25, 2020 that all belong to them. Thanks Brian!


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