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Hemp Fiber Seed and Other Updates

Website Updates

We've updated the website!

You'll notice that we've got a link to our new YouTube channel on the home page. Also on the home page we've added a button for you to leave us a Google Review. If you've benefited from our work here at the IHGA, we would appreciate it if you could take a minute of your time to submit a review and help us get the word out about how we serve the hemp industry.

We updated the About Us page so you can learn more about who we are and what we do. Also on the About Us page, there is a direct link to our sponsorship plan for new sponsors. If you're serious about supporting what we do here at the Illinois Hemp Growers Association and you want to get your logo, website and message out to our audience, we've made it easier to get the process started.

Finally, numerous improvements to load times and consistency across all pages on the website have been made. As always with any update we do, we are requesting feedback from our users. If you notice any bugs or display issues with the desktop or mobile version of our website: you can report them to


We've Got Our Seed and Launched Our YouTube Channel!

As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, we were in the process of procuring dual purpose hemp seed for fiber and grain crops this year. We are proud to announce that the seed is safely stored and ready to be planted very shortly.

There was some delay in getting the seed, but overall the experience was about as good as it could be. Something about the hemp industry seems to guarantee that things almost never work the way you plan them, anyone else notice that?

Special thanks to Rohrer Seeds for going out of their way to make sure farmers like us could get the seed as soon as it was available. If you still need seed, they have plenty as you will see in the video below.

Here's a little video we made about the experience, which is our first video to launch our official YouTube channel! Enjoy!

Shout out to Bob our very hard working truck driver. The hemp industry is built on the backs of people like you.

In the future, you can expect weekly video updates following all of our adventures throughout the 2020 hemp growing season in Illinois along with our regular blog posts and newsletters.

Head over to YouTube and Subscribe to our channel!


2nd Quarter Meeting for Dues-paying IHGA Members

As you may be anticipating, our next quarterly meeting was scheduled to occur on May 14th, 2020 before the statewide orders kicked in. There won't be a physical meeting happening that day, but we've got a backup plan that isn't a Zoom meeting: The IHGA Business Group.

The IHGA Business Group is a secret forum on our website that is accessible to dues-paying members only. It is our direct link to share sensitive content like meeting minutes and officer's reports with every member who has paid dues in a format they can access at their leisure.

Right now the business group has 90 members. Each member is encouraged to view the content and participate in the the Q2 Meeting thread when it's posted on May 14th. We'll have some interactive content like questions and polls up for you. You can post stories of your adventures so far this year and we will take all your questions.

Look for the Q2 Meeting Thread in the IHGA Business Group forum next week!


University of Illinois Extension Grower Spotlight Series

Over the past 6 weeks, hemp educator Phillip Alberti with the University of Illinois Extension has been hosting an epic series of hemp webinars. A large portion of the program focuses on lessons learned in 2019 with regards to planting methods, fertility, harvest, and storage.

All 6 webinars have been recorded and are available for you to watch.

The next spotlight is scheduled for Tuesday May 12th, 2020 from 9:00AM-10:30AM and features Half Moon Hemp’s Adam Gilliatte, Patrick Ryan, and Jessica Scott as they provide attendees with an overview of production of hemp clonal propagation, genetic selection, and compliance testing. Additional topics will include things such as cultivation practices and developing relationships with suppliers and processors.

Click here to register so you can participate in live Q&A.


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