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Focus on Farming

Illinois Hemp Growers Association


Everything's Cancelled.

If you've been reading our blog posts, you probably noticed there was a huge list of upcoming hemp events this month in Illinois. For now, all of them that were set to happen after March 12, 2020 have been either cancelled or postponed. We are directly impacted by the reduction in events but also see this as an opportunity to focus on farming.

It's not possible to postpone the growing season. Soil temperatures will rise and photoperiod will increase this Spring as reliably as ever. It is a good time to examine the value of local produce in our communities. The current global dilemma illustrates the need for greater redundancy and security for systems of local food production. But food alone can not sustain a community - we also need to recognize the value of local fiber production systems.

It would be pretty cool Jeff.

So who wants to grow some hemp for food or fiber and have the best garden ever this year? We do! And we have access to seed if you want some. Keep reading for more info.


Weekly Recap

On March 11th, the IHGA attended a Central IL Young Farmers Coalition Meeting at Slow Hand Craft BBQ.

The Central Illinois Young Farmers Coalition is open to farmers of all ages, as well as chefs, farmer advocates, and aspiring farmers, who are leading the way to create a healthier, more hopeful food system. The group plans to organize social and learning events for its members and hopes to advocate for progressive food systems policy, as well as collaborate on processing and marketing projects.

The IHGA supports the mission of the Central Illinois Young Farmers Coalition. Thank you for welcoming us, we look forward to a bright future together!

Live Local

On March 12th, CEO of the Illinois Hemp Growers Association Rachel Berry was part of an hour long panel and workshop about storytelling and business for local farmers at Live Local in Peoria. Do you have a story about hemp from last year? Tell us your story on the Forum!

Soil Health Champion Caucus

Also on March 12th, Rachel did double duty and attended the Illinois Stewardship Alliance Soil Health Champions Caucus,

If you are someone who is passionate about soil health, that has kind of an interest in soil health policies, creating something new in Illinois and working collaboratively with other farmers and soil health advocates, this is a group for you. - Liz Rupel

You can count on the Illinois Stewardship Alliance Soil Health Champion Caucus for opportunities to:

  • Meet and network with other like-minded farmers who share your passion for soil health,

  • Sharpen your skills as a leader of a soil health movement, and

  • Get the latest insider intel on programs and policies that impact soil health and stewardship.

  • Take action on soil health legislation that matters to you


Red White & Bloom

Yesterday, the Illinois Hemp Growers Association took a tour of the 3.6m sqft CBD greenhouse operated by Red White & Bloom in Granville, IL. There's nothing else like it in Illinois and it's completely full of hemp! They sent us home with a flyer to share with you:

They are offering a great deal on your pick of Cherry or Trump clones. If you plan on growing from clones this year, put Red White & Bloom on your list of reliable local suppliers.


Fiber/Dual Seed Update

We're gathering names and quantities for our group purchase of fiber/dual seed. As of today we have 4 farmers needing a total 275lbs of seed on our list.

Our supplier has two varieties of monecious industrial hemp both of which are suitable to fiber and grain crop management scenarios.

If you're interested in growing for fiber or grain this year we recommend you start with 1/4 to 1 acre and join our little experiment at your own pace. We will be sharing videos weekly as the season progresses so you can learn how to get a good stand of hemp as a row crop and how to use it on your farm.

We've got about another week of adding to the list and then the order will go out. Specifically for anyone who wants to grow a small amount, this may be your best chance all season to get a small amount of seed as most suppliers have minimum order quantities. Please contact the Illinois Hemp Growers Association at or by phone at (815)348-2211 for more details.


Vote Hemp Has a Call to Action!

Vote Hemp is putting their support behind HR5587, which we covered in our blog post two weeks ago. Despite a few issues we'd like to nitpick with the bill, at its core it provides immediate relief to the market and that is ultimately a good thing. Please take a minute to send an email to your Rep about sponsoring this bill using Vote Hemp's platform.


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