A Regulatory Bailout for Hemp

Illinois Hemp Growers Association

Illinois Hemp Legislation Update

Bill Status of HB5216

In our blog Hemp Politics and Plastics we reviewed HB5216

This bill was assigned to State Government Administration Committee on 3/12/2020 since we last checked in. The SGA Committee has 45 bills assigned to it right now. Let’s help make this outstanding bill be a priority in the next session. It opens the door for companies to:

  • Make hemp plastic products from Illinois-grown hemp that compete with their corn-based counterparts

  • Fill a niche with hemp plastic that corn products currently don't

  • Guarantees a market for them here in Illinois

Let your reps know you want them to sponsor HB5216.

Bill Status of HB3906

In our blog Update – CBD Safety? We reviewed HB3906.

The bill has picked up two co-sponsors since then. In its current form, we believe it specifically targets CBD products that are produced by hemp processors with greater than 0.3% Δ9-THC and seeks to penalize them with imprisonment.

Common sense tells us no reputable vendor wants to sell a CBD product that is way too potent, is contaminated, or contains enough Δ9-THC to get you high, but we can’t support HB3906 in its current form. Drop the threat of imprisonment, and make compliance with labeling and testing easy for small producers.

Let your reps know this bill needs a revision!

Bill Status of HR5587

In our blog Congress vs. the FDA we reviewed HR5587.

HR5587 was introduced by congressman Colin Peterson (D-MN) on January 13th. The bill has two main objectives. First is to create an exception in the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic act for hemp-derived CBD and the second is to mandate feasibility studies related to the federal hemp production program.

There has been no movement on this bill since the last time we looked. It deserves some attention because it’s part of a short list of regulatory bailouts that we agree hemp companies need.

  • The FDA allowing CBD as a supplement

  • The FDA allowing CBD as a food additive

  • The IRS allowing CBD to be purchased with funds from Health Savings Accounts

  • The SAFE Banking Act passing through Congress to increase access to banking

  • Assurances that CBD companies will be eligible for SBA loans and other disaster funds

A regulatory bailout is what the hemp industry needs in the short term. This bill could be rolled into a 4th stimulus package. CBD isn’t going anywhere, people want it, need it, and love to grow it. It is an economic engine waiting to be unleashed.

Find your federal reps here and tell them you support a regulatory bailout for hemp!

That's it for this week.

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