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Hemp Builds Communities


New Video - Hemp one week after direct sowing

Here are the results 7-12 days later from our direct sowing of dual purpose hemp. You will see the same row we did the seeder demonstration on last week and some of the rows with bigger plants we seeded in the days before that. Overall we are pretty happy with how many plants are coming up. Check back next week for more tips and another update on progress.


Grow Your Own

Grow Greater Englewood seeks to empower residents through community education on the agrarian and culinary traditions and trends in the Englewood community. They build and maintain relationships in the community. GGE teaches local residents about the “good food” movement which focuses on where food comes from, who grows it, how it’s grown and who profits.

On May 22nd, we were guests on Grow Greater Englewood's Hemp Edition of their Grow Your Own Series, a series of Facebook Live discussions that have been taking place throughout the month of May. Guests on the Grow Your Own Series Hemp Edition include:

Check out the full discussion in the video below

The IHGA supports Grow Greater Englewood's efforts to build a good food movement in their community and applauds their recognition of hemp as an important part of the discussion.


Hemp Builds Communities

While hemp is playing an important role in building a revitalized agrarian tradition in Englewood, it's also helping to build communities across the State.

Let's jump from Lake Michigan all the way over to the Mississippi river, near Hanover Illinois with an update on the State's first hemp cooperative.

You've probably heard about Sulcanna. They're one of our sponsors. Sulcanna is making outstanding progress organizing dozens of farms in Illinois and the surrounding States behind the cooperative's new banner. Good news is, they are still accepting new members!

The Co-op's goal is to expand and lock-in profit potential for small farm craft grows. They provide trusted, research based grading and price points for biomass, bulk-flower, trimmed flower and extraction.

Sulcanna's Hemp Co-op leverages its marketing power to promote its member's products, services, activities, and events.

As a member, you'll benefit from being part of a scalable craft brand representing small family farms that promotes the quality and diversity of those small farms.

The Co-op can also produce custom white-label products for your own brand. They can even help you start your own farm-to-label CBD business post Covid-19. Visit their website to learn more about Sulcanna's Hemp Cooperative today!


Hemp is Used for More Than Just Oil

Our CEO Rachel Berry was featured in an NPR article titled "Hemp is Used for More Than Just Oil" by Yvonne Boose on May 26th.

In the article, Rachel explains how the hemp industry in Illinois has been affected by the pandemic. Aside from understandable logistical delays and event cancellations, she said 2020 may continue to be an unpredictable year for the hemp industry but the pandemic has shined a light on the need for a strong local economy and supply chain.

Hemp can be grown and processed locally to supply your community with food, clothing, and even shelter.

  • Hemp seed is being adopted as a desirable and nutritious ingredient in foods as plant-based diets continue to gain popularity.

  • The demand for hemp clothing's superior durability and smaller environmental footprint is ever-increasing and prices are becoming more competitive with cotton or petroleum-based counterparts.

  • Hemp-lime construction techniques have an established tradition and dedicated following around the world as one of the safest and most environmentally friendly ways to build a home.

The Illinois Hemp Growers Association is here as a resource to you for all the challenges that we face as communities. We believe hemp is a powerful and necessary ally of communities seeking to build more resilient local economies and supply chains.


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