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Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020 6-8PM

Members Present: Kelly Grace Anthony Good Bill Beyers Sabrina Tatum Terri Miller Gary Blosser John Mitchler Dennis Godar Ryan Green Nate

Sponsors Present: Jared Lung - National Hemp Insurance Agency Rachael & Jesse Smedberg - Tulip Tree Gardens Kalee Hooghkirk - Midwest Hemp Coalition Jeffrey Schuh - Smart Commodity Group Cathy Scratch- Terreplenish Jamie Campbell Petty - Midwest Hemp Council J.P. Mendoza -The 357 Company

IHGA Representation: Rachel Berry Chris Berry


We welcomed everyone to our Q3 membership meeting. This was our first meeting held on Zoom so we went over basic Zoom etiquette (keep mics on mute, ask questions in the chat, etc.) We then went over and dove into each topic below in Order of Events.

Order of Events:

  1. We explained the rules of the raffle

In order to have had a chance at winning something in the raffle (and all raffles in the future) you must be a dues paying member in attendance of the meeting. Winners are chosen randomly using a Random Name Generator App. This meeting had 1 grand prize winner and 4 runner up winners. Winners were picked at the end of the first hour of the meeting.

*Congratulations to all winners & a BIG thank you to the Sponsors that made this raffle possible!

Prizes and winners were as follows:

  • Runner Up Prize 1 - Midest Hemp Council Raffle Package Winner: Gary Blosser

  • Runner Up Prize 2 - The 357 Company Raffle Package Winner: Dennis Godar

  • Runner Up Prize 3 - Terreplenish 64 FL oz Winner: Kelly Grace

  • Runner Up Prize 4 - Tulip Tree Gardens Raffle Package Winner: John Mitchler

  • Grand Prize - $100 Patagonia gift card from IHGA Winner: Sabrina Tatum

2. We gave the VP report (revenue and expense) - follow link to view spreadsheet:

3. We gave the President’s report (summary of growth and outlook) as follows:

”I am excited to report that since we met in February the number of members (103) and sponsors (15) has nearly doubled and we have a surplus of revenue for the second quarter in a row. These numbers are all indicators that we are and will continue to be, successfully generating public benefit, which is our first priority.

Though the pandemic has limited many of the ways we generate content and interact with the community, we are determined to carry on with community outreach via our blogs and the addition of a Youtube channel. I hope everyone will utilize the ways we can interact and offer support- the forum, member chat and groups, social media pages, and now our Youtube channel. If you have pictures or stories to share or would like a shout out in our blog, please let us know!

I am also excited to share that I have taken on two Board of Directors positions that extend the outreach and collaborative efforts of the IHGA - with the Illinois Stewardship Alliance and the U.S. Hemp Building Association. Please take some time to check them out!

I am grateful and inspired by all of you. Thank you for another great quarter and I am looking forward to getting together next quarter!”

4. We gave our sponsors time to introduce themselves and share a bit about what they do. All sponsors that were present participated:

  • Jared Lung - National Hemp Insurance Agency : NHIA is a nationwide crop insurance agency specializing in insurance based risk management solutions for the industrial hemp CBD, Grain and Fiber grower.

  • Rachael & Jesse Smedberg - Tulip Tree Gardens : Tulip Tree Gardens’ organically grown products reflect their commitment to protecting and improving the health of our locality, the earth & its inhabitants. It’s the embodiment of family values and a corporate-wide passion for consumers' health.

  • Kalee Hooghkirk - Midwest Hemp Coalition : An active organization representing the goals and needs of a diverse group of growers and business owners. The Midwest Hemp Coalition’s mission is to increase accessibility and opportunity in the hemp industry through direct political advocacy and diverse community connections.

  • Jeffrey Schuh - Smart Commodity Group : By offering comprehensive risk management tools focused on sustainable, socially conscious products, the Global Smart Commodity Group’s aim is to spearhead the evolution of commodities trading in an Exchange environment by leveraging emerging technologies to provide best-in-class transparency and price discovery mechanisms at every stage of the supply chain.

  • Cathy Scratch- Terreplenish : Terreplenish is the regenerative agriculture solution to the complex issues our ecosystem faces today. Terreplenish’s is OMRI-listed, a USDA BioBased® certified product, and registered as a soil amendment in California, allowing it to be used for the most stringent organic food (and hemp) production.

  • Jamie Campbell Petty - Midwest Hemp Council : MHC’s mission is to stand as a credible information center, a trusted policy advocate and a dedicated trade organization for the entire hemp supply chain in Indiana and beyond.

  • J.P. Mendoza -The 357 Company :The 357 Company’s leadership team has over 50 years of collective logistics experience combined with pioneers from the medical device, home food delivery, and heavily regulated medical cannabis industries. The founders take great pride when called upon to provide a private logistic service for high value and expedited shipments.

5. We opened the floor to all members in attendance for comments, questions, and concerns:

  • We heard from Terri Miller with Seed-To-Insight From their website: “We are a hemp sampling service with the ability to geo-tag your sample plants so you can find and address 'hot' zones in your field. With the SignaKey technology on tamper-evident e-seals, we provide a secure chain-of-custody from the plant sampled to the lab. We capture and provide real-time data on the sample/testing process and its timeline. Our service is intentionally redundant to the hemp sampling procedures outlined in the USDA's 2018 Interim Final Rule and state laws where we operate.” Please reach out to her with questions at

  • We heard from Kelly, Nate, and Anthony from Kifcure

From their website: “Founded in Chicago with a mission to extract and infuse the highest quality cannabinoids into easily accessible products, KifCure brings together more than five decades of combined hemp experience among our core leadership. Founders Jarett and Brandon Burke, cousins separated by Lake Michigan built the company to span the Midwest and bring know-how to the new crop of hemp and specifically, high-CBD hemp grown for flower or extraction that has been springing up at farms throughout the area. The core team consists of expert cultivators who go on-site to various grows to facilitate the process with knowledge and expertise that will help increase yields and minimize loss.”

  • We discussed the Hemp Food Bill - see notes in initiatives below

  • We discussed the ever present need for law enforcement education

-Farmers are still having trouble with law enforcement taking extreme measures to interfere with their legal hemp growing operations.

-Law enforcement is not being provided with the license holder information because IDOA is not making that information available to them - some farmers do not want their information made available for fear of being hassled.

-It is recommended that growers form a relationship with local law enforcement prior to problems arising

-Can the Industrial Hemp Regulatory Fund help cover education?

6. We then wrapped up the member discussion with a summary of our initiatives:

Erosion Control Blankets

  • Working with IDNR to push for a change in the requirements for IDOT erosion control mat. Goal is to use Illinois grown industrial hemp.

  • Switching to hemp as a biodegradable erosion mat would not only be better for the environment, but would also be a positive for the Illinois economy; creating manufacturing facilities and jobs.

  • IDNR/IDOT committing to just 10% would open the floodgates for the IL hemp industry and give farmers new sales opportunities.

Hemp Food Bill

  • Legalize hemp-derived CBD food and beverage products for sale

  • Currently illegal to market CBD by adding to food -- FDA. But CBD/hemp foods are sold in drugstores and groceries nationwide without issue

  • Farmers and business owners cannot add value to products with these restrictions.

  • With the lack of infrastructure and processing bottlenecks still occurring in Illinois, this bill could alleviate the pressure and assist farmers in finding more avenues for their products

  • Kalee: And would allow for people to be approved for FDA approved kitchen space

Illinois Department of Agriculture

  • David Lakeman appointed the new Division Manager.

  • Still unclear on the USDA Rules -- those expire next month on October 31 leaving farmers in a serious position when attempting to learn how to stay compliant.

  • IDOA has submitted their 4th draft and hope to have the rules approved at the end of this month.

IDOA Policy Regarding Hemp and Hemp Derivatives in Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Products

  • The big issue here is line #4 " All hemp obtained through this policy must be used in extracted form and only in infused cannabis products."

  • This rule benefits larger growers that have the capacity to create biomass and Impacts small farmers growing smokeable flower by excluding sales opportunities for a large majority of farmers that are unable to create a biomass product

  • There is no requirement to purchase from Illinois Growers at all (which contradicts what IL medical/rec cannabis sales require) IL farmers are missing out and will continue to if there is no stipulation to use IL products

  • This Rule expires Oct. 31, 2020 (subject to change) the ask here is to prolong the policy and ask for smokeable flower to be included

  • Kalee: a tax on out of state hemp products to get hemp into IL dispensaries

Industrial Hemp Regulatory Fund:

  • The fund was created with the passing of SB2298. Monies are collected to be used for enforcement and administration. To this date, according to the Illinois State Budget, none of the over $1 million in the fund has been spent. Chris Berry has asked for a FOIA for more information

  • We acknowledge that the state agencies are all experiencing constraints, but the biggest ask here is that IDOA follows through and uses the fund for what it was designed for, in addition to activities that will benefit the hemp industry. Such as, education and promotion of hemp, which would also promote the agency.

  • Terri: Education for law enforcement especially needed

7. Meeting adjourned to 2nd Hour: Networking, Q and A, Brainstorming, Discussion, Socializing, etc.


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