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Hemp Cannabinoids

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A very helpful article with Hemp Industry Daily AND a podcast episode of "Crop Talk" featuring @Davis Farms! 8 things to consider when selecting seed-propagated hemp genetics for field planting "Hemp farmers have a number of choices and sources for the varieties they will plant in 2021. But if they’re electing to use seed-propagated varieties, there are several criteria that growers should consider in selecting genetics."

Reasons to Consider More than CBD Potency When Selecting Your Hemp Cultivars

"It seems some folks in the hemp industry think that all of the value in a hemp cultivar is related to its' CBD potency.

What about its' feminization rate verified by a third-party?! 🌱

What about its' minor cannabinoids?!? 💥


Jeremy Klettke, the CEO & Head Breeder at Davis Farms of Oregon, joined the #LeadersTalkCrops series of CropTalk podcast to describe why we've got to see past the glitz and glamour of CBD potency when considering which hemp cultivar to plant in 2021."


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