Oct 2

Testing fees

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How much to test?


a day ago

Most start about $75 for potency then go up with added needs.

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  • Hello everyone! I am a current Horticulture student at Illinois Central College. I’m looking for a cultivator to interview for a career project either over phone, e-mail, or in person. It would only take about 5 minutes of your time and your input would be greatly appreciated!
  • We have a 64K sq/ft processing facility in Ogleaby, IL where we are currently processing our 150 acres as well as some other farms. We will have additional trimming room by the end of the week into the following. If you have Smoke able Flower we can add it to our menu and help you sell it as well. (must be complaint) We have been in the Hemp industry sense 2013 with some pros with over 25 years. Services: Hang Dry: $4.00 per lb dry weight Bucking/Shucking: $4.00 per lb dry weight Machine trim and touch $10.00 per lb finished wt. (must supply your own storage bins) DeSeeding: We have start of the art DeSeeders coming in the next few weeks and can separate seed from biomass also by seed size larger viable vs small and cracked. Cost $4.00 per lb Sales: After we have examined the product we can work out a fare rate Please contact me for more information. Thanks Jason
  • I am interested in growing hemp for cbd this coming summer and had a couple of questions. I have 3.5 acres I want to produce hemp for cbd. What is the best option , seeds or clones? If seeds what do I plant them with? For both, where do I buy these at? The other thing is that I don’t have the space to dry the hemp so am i able to sell it out of the field?