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Illinois Hemp Growers Association

16 hours ago

Hello everyone! I just found this association tonight. We are currently growing hemp on our farm this year. Wondering if anyone has information on processors/ buyers in Illinois? I've had litt
6 days ago

Hello, I'm from Chicago. Myw wife and I are interested in becoming licensed hemp farmers.
Nov 11

I am interested in growing hemp for cbd this coming summer and had a couple of questions. I have 3.5 acres I want to produce hemp for cbd. What is the best option , seeds or clones? If seeds what do I
Nov 10

Isn't the point of this group to help each other out? Share ideas and information? If no-one helps or comments this site is pointless!
Nov 10

We have a 64K sq/ft processing facility in Ogleaby, IL where we are currently processing our 150 acres as well as some other farms. We will have additional trimming room by the end of the week into
Nov 1

Sep 23

Looking for buyers for smokeable flower or biomass. Any one use or ideas for selling smokeable direct to customer? or any other resources?
18 hours ago

Hello everyone! I am a current Horticulture student at Illinois Central College. I’m looking for a cultivator to interview for a career project either over phone, e-mail, or in person. It would only t
6 days ago

I’m a Hemp farmer based around the Quad City‘s and have 6 acres I’m looking to sell, I’m also setting up 3 greenhouses within the next week so if anyone is interested in growing next year we can get a
Nov 10

Does anyone have resources for reasonable testing prices? I found the following and am wondering if anyone wants to go in on purchasing a larger package together. Maybe you want to run 5 tests lead
Nov 10

We are growing Cherry Blossom from Blue Forest Farms. Had one plant show one stalk that began showing seeds. Here's an article on what to do with Hermaphrodite Hemp plants. https://www.spliffseeds
Nov 10

Oct 23

Sorry...tried to comment on another thread, but was not able to! Hi everyone! Please let me know if you are still in need of extraction services! My partners and I will be opening pHat Bottom Labs,
Sep 18 -- Has anyone heard of this seed company or dealt with them?
18 hours ago

7 days ago

Because there is an affordable way to extract via Cold Pressing CBD and other cannabinoids and I would be glad to tell you more about it.
Nov 10

I am starting an indoor hydroponic grow, with about 1500sqft of space. I plan to crowd them as close as possible, as from what I've read hemp can handle it. Assuming I can find buyers/processors in IL
Nov 10

How much to test?
Nov 5

Current growers or future, now is the time to consider purchasing a new Transplanter. We are a dealer for Checchi & Magli Transplanting equipment. Located in Iowa & serving the entire Midwest. New
Sep 30

Any one in need of shipping product or warehousing of product, please reach out. We'd love to be your reliable resource for trustworthy shipping and storage needs. -357 Logistics