Jun 12

where are the buyers of hemp in Illinois ?

Jun 19

My company, Gentonix works with labs and manufactures that purchase hemp biomass

Oct 23

I'm starting a CBD hemp grow very soon. Can I take down your contact info?

Sep 24

how do we get in touch with you?


Oct 23

All - We're Organnabis LTD. (organnabis.us) and have an organic foliar based pesticide (Buddapest) and fertilizer (pHlourish) born and certified in Colorado. These products will increase your yield and shorten the seed to harvest cycle - cleanly. No chemicals, residues, etc. We also buy/sell Hemp and are looking for distributors and sales reps in Illinois. Email info@organnabis.us for more information or to get samples of our products.

Nov 1

I took down your info, and after harvest I'll contact you. I will have a relatively small yield of about 1,000 CBD hemp plants. Would you buy that amount or is that too low?

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  • I’m a Hemp farmer based around the Quad City‘s and have 6 acres I’m looking to sell, I’m also setting up 3 greenhouses within the next week so if anyone is interested in growing next year we can get a contract started and we will be able to provide you with plants !! Email me at : lanceshunick@gmail.com
  • How does everyone feel about the nationwide regulations that the USDA put into effect on Oct 31, 2019. I'm a new interested party in the hemp industry this year. I am just now discovering the difficult hurdles and all the major government obstacles you may endeavor along the way. The obstacle in main focus is the "Interim Final Rule" and the impact it will have on Illinois farmers this 2020 growing season. From the debate over "Total THC" to required DEA registered laboratories and AOSCA guidelines to the suggested tax on farmers to support hemp-promotion. I would love to submit a comment to the USDA regarding the new set regulations but feel that I could absorb more knowledge before doing so.... I'm looking forward to the Ivy League Farms forum in Pembroke Township this weekend as well as the Illinois Hemp Summit in December. Please share your thoughts and comments with me.
  • Because there is an affordable way to extract via Cold Pressing CBD and other cannabinoids and I would be glad to tell you more about it.