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Sep 18

See a lot of folks on here thinking about getting into hemp. If so, sign up at your nearest Illinois Small Business Development Center. They provide no-cost consulting. I am a grower and processor
Sep 16

Just want to give a heads up to newer growers that your hemp is extremely vulnerable to mold and mildew during the post-harvest drying period. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid los
Aug 26

Jul 18

Does anyone have a lead on testing equipment or mail in test source?
Jul 15

The grow is coming along well. We finished installing our drip irrigation system and have bugs under control just using soapy water spray. Still have some growing gang busters and others that seem w
Jul 3

I'm posting a few pics of my grow. I am growing Cherry Blossom from Blue Forest Farms out of CO. You can see from one pic that I used the post hole (no till) method for my grow. I am getting wierd
Jun 26

I got banned from Facebook and Instagram from all my business and personal pages. The policy is you get banned for 7 days and then if you violate policy again you get banned for 30 days and if again,
Sep 18

Aug 31

We are planning on growing hemp seedlings starting in 2020 season. We are trying to validate growing in our container system and have applied for an Illinois License about 40 days ago. We have not hea
Aug 23

How are you planning to dry your Hemp? We offer 53 ft mobile drying Trailers that can come to your farm. For Pricing or to book a time on our calendar please email our Director of Operations - Micha
Jul 16

Please contact me if anyone has available land to grow hemp that is an experienced farmer. 847-826-6624
Jul 8

PUBLIC HEARING COMMENT – PART 1200 INDUSTRIAL HEMP ACT Support establishing a better regulatory framework for Illinois hemp including: 1. Single year licenses, graduated initial fee struc
Jul 2

We are cash renting some of our acres to an organic farmer for the first time ever next year. We are also interested in planting a couple acres of CBD for oil ourselves next year. The farmer inform
Jun 26

Sep 18

I want to start a small 1/4 acre hemp farm on my property I have investors just need help getting through the paper side of things we grow vegetables this is all new to me any help would be appreciat
Aug 30

My neighbor is looking to cash rent 76 tillable acres for next season if anyone's interested! Location 61313
Jul 30

hello all. Got my hemp license to grow but not finding any leads on where to buy seeds or young plants to put in field. Any seed or growers out there that sell for planting?
Jul 15

Jul 8

For those growing for rope (or maybe for other reasons) I have 2 corn stalk/hay stackers that would be ideal for making bales! I also have a bale mover. I am located south of Pekin IL.
Jun 26