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Illinois Hemp Lobby Day 2024 ver2 (3).png

2024 Illinois Hemp Lobby Day

Join us on April 17th at the Illinois Capitol for a pivotal rally that will shape the future of hemp in our state!

The Illinois Hemp Growers Association (IHGA) invites our valued members and the public to stand united in our message to Illinois lawmakers: Hemp is here to stay!


Our voices play an essential role in making sure legislators grasp the significance of backing an industry that is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, drives innovation in manufacturing, and strengthens local economies.


Beyond advocating for hemp's unique status, this rally invites lawmakers to step into the world of hemp farmers, processors, and business owners with the authentic experiences and genuine needs of our industry, shared by those who know it best - the Illinois Hemp Community!

When?   Wednesday, April 17th from 8am-4pm
Where?   Illinois State Capital Building, Springfield

How? Follow the three steps below to get prepped!

Do your Representatives serve on either the House or Senate Agriculture Committees?

If so, you can help us reach our goal of securing an appointment with every official on the list below by requesting a meeting with the IL Hemp Lobby Day group that day! 

Use the link and resources below to learn who your reps are and how to join us for a day of grassroots hemp advocacy! 

Here's the list: 


  • Rep Sonya Harper, Chairperson

  • Rep Lance Yednock, Vice Chair

  • Rep Charles Meier, Republican Spokesperson

  • Rep Sharon Chung

  • Rep Norma Hernandez

  • Rep Tracy Katz Muhl

  • Rep Cyril Nichols

  • Rep Wayne A Rosenthal

  • Rep Dan Swanson


  • Sen. Doris Turner, Chair

  • Sen. Patrick J. Joyce, Vice Chair

  • Sen.Laura Ellman

  • Sen. Paul Faraci

  • Sen. Linda Holmes

  • Sen. David Koehler

  • Sen. Meg Loughran Cappel

  • Sen. Karina Villa

  • Sen. Win Stoller, Minority Spokesperson

  • Sen. Neil Anderson

  • Sen. Terri Bryant

  • Sen. Andrew S. Chesney

  • Sen. Sally J. Turner

hemp lobby day FINAL.png

How to Get Involved

Illinois Hemp Lobby Day 2024 ver2 (3).png

Reach out to your House and Senate Representatives

Click here to learn who your Illinois State Representatives are and send a message via their website, email, or call with a request to meet with us on April 17th! Click here for a sample script.
We can assist with this part, let us know if you need help!
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